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Rasmus Bjørn Dahl, 28 years old, lives in Copenhagen

I’m currently studying a Masters Degree at Roskilde University: Relations and innovation in creative leadership.
I founded Livelaboratoriet in 2011 (Livelab is a creative consultancy specialized in developmentprocesses in the live-music industry).
I currently work with Graphics, Media & Web at Target Group.
I recently finished working as Project Manager in Lydkultur. Now I do industry talks and lectures based on the project results.
I have a BA in Business Studies and Performance Design and a Diploma in Musical Entrepreneurship (Music2Business).

  • Project Management
  • Media Prod.: Photography, Videography, Graphic Design & Layout – check out my photo portfolio at 500px.com/rasmusbjorndahl
  • Lectures/workshops in Creative Business Management / Innovation

Visit my LinkedIn-profile for a full resume
Contact me at mail@rasmusbjorndahl.dk